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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation creates more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations.


The Washington Post Reimagines News Media

The design of newsrooms are changing on account of what industry insiders have come to refer to as the convergence.

Will Airport Terminals Really Be Better Through Technology?

Technology is often regarded like some sort of magic panacea, but it's important to remember that technology alone won't solve the hassles of air travel.

Turning Gratitude into Great Design

Donations from alumni and other benefactors provide financial lifelines to schools and cultural institutions, many of which don't understand how to properly credit donors.

Corporate Campuses of the Future

Today, from California to Cambridge, a new class of urbane workers are seeking a city-centric existence.

Instability Spurs an Industry Shift

Humankind has long been fascinated with doomsday scenarios, and our current moment of global instability helps explain a recent shift in values for the architecture industry.

Designing with the Student-Athlete in Mind

The world of collegiate athletics is engaged in a high- stakes facilities arms race and designing for student- athletes is critical to staying ahead.