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Diane Hoskins Executive Director
Deanna Francl Brand Design Global Leader
Bob Peck Southeast Consulting Practice Area Leader
David Broz Education & Culture Leader
Dan Winey Regional Managing Principal, Asia Pacific Region
Gervais Tompkin Consulting Global Leader
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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging.


The American Dream in an Urbanized America

Why are American cities lagging behind their foreign counterparts in providing appealing work and lifestyle options, and will this trend jeopardize the future of the American Dream?

Work in the City: Alternative Spaces

Alternative spaces have always been part of cities. Now, they can help support work.

Retail Opportunities: Focus on Latin America

As brands go global, they face unique challenges. But the Latin American market offers huge opportunities for those who are willing to try.

Work in the City: Urban Diversification

As urban populations grow, cities must learn to accommodate greater diversity.

4 Trends Shaping the Future of Data Centers

Gensler's Mission Critical practice is focused on using design to protect all the data produced by iPhone 6s and other computing systems.

Retail Design and Experience

Doug Wittnebel discusses how memories and sensory experiences can affect retail.