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Diane Hoskins Executive Director
Deanna Francl Brand Design Global Leader
Bob Peck Southeast Consulting Practice Area Leader
David Broz Education & Culture Leader
Dan Winey Regional Managing Principal, Asia Pacific Region
Gervais Tompkin Consulting Global Leader
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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging.


10 Key Design Interventions for a Healthier, Happier and More Productive Workplace

In case you haven’t noticed, health and wellness has quietly become a consequential issue within the business community.

Wellness on the Corporate Campus

Rives Taylor discusses his efforts to marry the traditional fitness center mentality with a larger notion of well-being prevalent at corporate campuses.

When Less is More in Retail: Be locally Relevant and Other Truisms

Since the recession, retailers have turned to smaller formats, urban prototypes, and local relevancy to entice consumer spending.

Happiness (Or is it really purpose?) at Work

Too many workers are unhappy with their place of work. Janet Pogue and Erik Lucken discuss potential solutions to this vexing problem.

We’ve Topped Off! The Tower at PNC Plaza Reaches Full Height

Technology is an amazing thing. Read what makes this the "greenest high-rise in the world."

Experience Retail on a Global Scale: Bring in the Locals

Shoppers prize the journey of shopping as much as the end product, writes Barry Bourbon.