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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation creates more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations.


Speaking of Livability

What is livability, and how does it make life more livable? The new issue of Dialogue looks at livability at human and urban scales.

The Set List: FOMO

What is FOMO—and what is JOMO—and how are these two trends coming into play in the ever-growing world of consumers?

Dear Office Worker, the Future Is Free-Address

The future workplace isn’t tethered to the office or cubicle—it allows you to work anywhere and everywhere.

Building a Better Block with Better Block

Part office, co-working space, venue and maker-space, Better Block headquarters is a community hub and a place for urban design experimentation.

More Than a Mall: A Collection of Experiences

Find out how Gensler transformed one of Silicon Valley’s largest shopping destinations into an immersive lifestyle destination.

What’s Next in Product Design?

Gensler's Product Design practice debuted several new products at NeoCon 2017, each addressing users’ changing needs.