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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation creates more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations.


What Does the Future Hold for the Corporate Campus?

In the last few years, there has been a big move toward corporate consolidation on large, amenity-rich campuses that seek to create synergy between formerly segregated workers.

The Tower at PNC Plaza – A Breath of Fresh Air

The Tower at PNC Plaza sets a new bar for green highrise design.

Biophilic Design: Why Nature Matters

As our urban, digital and fast-paced society loses connection to nature and the outdoors, designers can and should incorporate elements of the natural environment into the built environment.

HanaHaus Creates a New Stage of Work for the Creative Economy

The HanaHaus co-working space in Palo Alto, Calif., gives that city's creative professionals a place to engage in unconventional work styles.

Passive House: Sell It to Me!

Would you like a new home that could reduce your annual heating bills by 90% with no additional cost on construction?

Heads + Hearts: Consumer Engagement Where It Counts

How and why do select products emerge from the paralyzing pack of choices into the pantheon of “it” brands?