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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation creates more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations.


Autonomous Vehicles: The Future Is Here

There’s been a lot of talk about driverless cars recently. But did you know that autonomous technology is already here? (And has been for quite some time.)

A New Breed of Fast Fashion Experience in Asia

Korean fast fashion brand 8Seconds’ new stores are more than a place to shop: they offer an immersive lifestyle experience.

Are Law Firms Ready to Work Remotely?

Is working remotely the next shift on the horizon for legal workplace design? And will law firms embrace this change?

Uniting Healthcare + Community

As healthcare undergoes unprecedented change, we look at trends from a macro- to micro-level to understand the future of health & wellness and its underlying relationship with the community in this series.

Visualizing a New Life for the Retail Center: Transforming Assets with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technologies can help clients renovate and revitalize existing retail centers to accommodate today’s experience-driven consumer.

Pivoting Brands: The “Tech” Label and Why Space Still Matters

Financial institutions are trying to classify themselves as a “tech” firm, while some tech companies are shedding the label.