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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation creates more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations.


Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica: A Beacon for Sustainability

As the country’s first convention center and a vivid example of Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainability, the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica will attract thousands of visitors and locals.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie: Designing Sharable Moments

The concept of “selfie walls” has been around for years, but with their growing popularity they have begun to evolve and take on a life of their own.

A Day in the Life of an Agile Worker

One worker shares her favorite tips on not having an assigned desk, making the workplace more flexible, and other lessons from "going agile."

Designing for Homeless Facilities: Critical Spaces to Consider

We examine what some of the most critical spaces in homeless facilities are and why they are so essential to provide safety and dignity.

Is There a Future in Retail Banking? Part I

Physical banks aren’t going away; we just need to shift the perception of what a branch is for. In order to thrive, banks should take a cue from the retail industry.

How Commercial Office Buildings Are Differentiating Themselves Through Amenities

From fitness centers to bowling alleys, how can a property stand out relative to its peers and support its tenants in a competitive leasing market?