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Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging.


Best of Both Worlds: Quiet and Collaboration at GSA’s Headquarters

How do you create a work environment that is quiet for individual focus work yet promotes collaboration, asks Janet Pogue.

Education 3.0: Life After Tech

New technologies have the power to enhance learning, but a small and vocal segment of the education community is beginning to wonder if the proliferation of tech has gone too far, says Mark Thaler.

A Better Fan Experience at FirstEnergy Stadium

Gensler is working with the Cleveland Browns to modernize FirstEnergy Stadium.

Maybe the Focus Problem is a Collaboration Problem

There's a sense that workers' ability to focus is under siege by office distractions. But solving the focus problem may require more efficient forms of collaboration, says Gervais Tompkin.

Natural Disasters Loom. Is Your Real Estate Portfolio Ready?

According to the Urban Land Institute, (ULI) floods, fire, drought and windstorms caused $1 billion in losses within the United States last year. Rives Taylor believes resilient design strategies can mitigate the risk of such catastrophic damage.

Shopping the Globe: Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s largest city and has emerged as its primary economic hub. But the city is entering a refresh mode, argues Richard Chang, and this poses terrific opportunities for global retailers interested in bringing their brands to China.