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A New Space Typology: Designing for the Self-Driving Car Industry

Image © Yng Yng Marshall/ Gensler

Silicon Valley has become an epicenter for perfecting technology that will transform society as we know it—from keeping people safe, to reclaiming our streets, to gaining back our time. In the race to put the first fully autonomous vehicles on the road, tech companies are partnering with automakers, acquiring startups and hiring talent to build these next-generation vehicles. This pivotal moment has created the need for a new type of space: self-driving car labs—hybrid workspace/lab/garage/showrooms—aimed at revolutionizing an industry within a decade. Working with several technology and manufacturing companies, Gensler is designing flexible car labs that will aid our clients in advancing this ground-breaking technology.

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Sound Health: How Noise Can Inspire Healing  

Did you know that stroke patients working with a music therapist can learn to express themselves through singing, or that music with a beat can make waking easier for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease? I, for one, became more aware of the impacts of sounds, both positive and negative, while attending a sound health event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. The Kennedy Center and the National Institutes of Health, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts and renowned soprano Renée Fleming, launched this collaboration to explore the connections between music, health, and wellness.

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The Nation’s Capital of Sustainable Design 

This post is part of a series in which we look at the critical role that the architecture and design play in global efforts to address climate change. For more on the research behind it, take a look at our Impact by Design report.

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How Do You Measure Human Experience? The Research Journey. 

Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series discussing the findings and implications of Gensler’s Experience Index. We interviewed Christine Barber, Gensler’s director of research, and Stephanie Krieger, a strategist in Gensler’s New York office, about the research methodology and journey.

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Building BoomTown: Ageless Communities That Are Inclusive and Purpose-Driven

Image © Gensler

The evidence is undeniable: the growing number of Americans 65 or older is propelling a dramatic reimagining of how and where we age. A recent report from the Massachusetts of Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate estimates that Americans who are 65 or older will total 83.7 million by 2050—a staggering uptick from the 34.9 million recorded by the 2010 census. This accelerated growth will require the planning and construction of many more age-friendly communities than currently exist—and represents a significant opportunity to reconsider the form of those communities as we build them.

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