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Burden of Future Proof: Facile Learning Environments in a Tech-Savvy Age

Gensler's Chicago office recently hosted the first installment of the Dialogues with Gensler series. Image © Gensler

Dialogues with Gensler is an ongoing series of moderated panel discussions held in our Chicago office that address how design impacts lifelong learning.

When our team started to define the "Dialogues with Gensler" series here in the Chicago office, we listed 50 ideas related to the idea of lifelong learning. We define lifelong learning as learning that takes place throughout the day and at all stages of life, in a different range of spaces with many different tools. To us, it suggests that learning permeates all aspects of everyday life, including the places in which we live, work and play.

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Gensler @ AUCCCD: Catalyzing Well-being, Resilience, and Innovation on the Academic Campus

Gensler's New York office. Image © Gensler

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed an alarming trend in the number of students seeking help for serious mental health problems at campus counseling centers. As designers in higher-education, we’re hearing a similar concern across the higher-ed community. In fact, mental health was the number one aspect of student well-being brought up repeatedly as part of last year’s Dialogues with Gensler series on Well-being on the Academic Campus.

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Of Hopes and Homes

Neighbourhoods providing people with choice. Image © Voon Fui Lai.

The Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2014 highlighted the development industry’s response to a clarion call that’s been circulating about London: We need more homes. A possible housing shortage looms on the horizon. A 2013 paper by the London Councils’ think tank estimates that 809,000 homes will need to be built within London by 2021, while current projections indicate only 250,000 homes will be built by then. Needless to say, issues relating to overcrowding, affordability, homelessness, social mobility and other urban challenges are clear and present, as London’s population continues to grow.

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Tracking Building Performance at Portland International Jetport

Portland International Jetport was the second commercial airport terminal in the United States to achieve LEED Gold certification. Image © Robert Benson

Numbers and data have historically been the currency of engineers. But designers are now being asked to quantify how their designs bring value to clients and communities. At Gensler, we need to get comfortable talking about our projects in increasingly quantitative terms. Are our designs better than our competitors? How do we know for sure?

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Fighting Climate Change Through Tall Building Design

Well-designed supertall buildings like the Shanghai Tower, pictured on the right, can help reduce energy usage. Image © Gensler

Barack Obama’s current visit to China could coincide with a new era in environmentally conscious design.

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