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Counter-Intuitive Futures: Will Airport Terminals Really Be Better Through Technology?

The “Fight Deck” at SFO Terminal 3, Boarding Area E, developed by Gensler in partnership with Razorfish. Image © Joe Fletcher.

This post is part of a series related to the 2016 Gensler Design Forecast, highlighting trends that will transform how we live, work and play in the next decade.

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The Future of Metro IdeaJAM – London and Tokyo: Part Two

The first day of discussion and concept creation at the IdeaJAM in Tokyo

The second post in our IdeasJAM blog series takes a look at the winning proposals from the IdeaJAM challenges we recently ran in London and Tokyo, respectively. Full details on the background of the IdeaJAM can be found in part one of this series.

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Driverless Cars/Doctorless Healthcare

Image © FaceMePLS

As I drive in my neighborhood, I am constantly reminded of the theme of convenience. By the mobile dog washes pulled up into driveways; the dry cleaned clothes hanging from car doors; by the roll-up nail salons to remedy that manicure that just can’t wait. With the onset of driverless cars taking speed in our society, as a healthcare designer, I can’t help but wonder if the next step in my field is the “uberdoc.”

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The Future of the Metro IdeaJam: London and Tokyo 

What have London & Tokyo got in common? Both are modern cities with Olympics experience. That AND the Gensler IdeaJam.

What role can transport hubs play in the growth and regeneration of cities? How do surging or declining populations affect transportation planning, and the traveler journey? These were among the questions posed at IdeaJam, an idea generating session hosted by Gensler in London and Tokyo.

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Great Streets Make Great Communities 

Image © Gensler

In Los Angeles, more land is dedicated to streets and parking than anywhere else in America. At 7,500 centerline miles, streets constitute 15 percent of all land in the City of Los Angeles while over 14 percent of land in the county is dedicated to parking. In 2013, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti established the Great Streets imitative to activate this land and further bolster local economies, public safety, and different cultures present throughout Los Angeles.

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