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Teaching by Design: The School of the Future 

Hands-on learning inspires creativity. Image © Gensler

High school.

Those two simple words evoke familiar feelings of fondness or dread when we look back on what tended to be a tumultuous era in many of our lives. But today, one high school teacher is turning “high school” into a phrase that evokes the joy of learning, rather than the uncertainty of future paths, and represents the ingenuity with which the best teachers approach their profession.

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Uncovering Providencia: Gensler Goes to Venice Biennale

Image © Gensler

In April and May, Gensler made its first appearance at the La Biennale di Venezia (15th International Architecture Exhibition) and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. The challenge: to envision a “living plan” for a new port town in the Amazon as a model of sustainable development—in the form of a dinner table installation.

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Six Key Drivers Transforming Healthcare Business

Image © Gensler

Healthcare expenditures in the U.S. are ballooning, with projections indicating an increase of $3.5 trillion between 2010 and 2040. There are numerous factors spurring such robust growth, yet the two prime factors are a graying population and millions more Americans insured under the Affordable Care Act. At first blush, the future for the health services industry would seem rosy. Yet a closer look reveals that upward sloping expenditures don’t necessarily correlate to increasing revenues. Profitability is still a concern, particularly for hospitals, which are dealing with upticks in labor expenses and the cost of supplies. (In fact, many hospitals are still figuring out how to precisely measure their costs.)

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Speak Easy: Hospitality’s Influences on Education

Image © Gensler

Anyone who has ever stepped into a luxury spa or resort knows that hospitality is more than expensive products, materials and furnishings; it’s about the service and the curated experiences. People are seeking these meaningful, authentic experiences not just in hotels, but in the office, where they go shopping, and even at universities. This was the main theme of our second Speak Easy session on the impact of hospitality on how we live, work and play.

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The Weight of the Wait

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Rex Pe

Psychological Impact of Long Lines

According to researchers and customer-loyalty experts like Nick Wreden, the average person will wait in lines between two and five years of their life. Unfortunately for travelers, the present-day airport experience is all about waiting: wait to park, wait to check-in, wait to be screened, wait to board. For frequent flyers this could translate into as much as 10 years stuck in a queue.

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