Shanghai Tower: A View from the Top
Editorial Team in Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Tower Construction Update, Shanghai Tower Lead Architect Jun Xia

Few vistas are more breathtaking than an urban landscape seen from above.

Amateur photographer Wei Gensheng, a crane operator working on the construction crew of Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, reminded the world of this truth last week when his breathtaking photos of Shanghai took second prize in the Shanghai City Photography Competition. The photos were so spectacular that they quickly went viral, receiving coverage in The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, and other sources.

Shanghai Tower is one of Gensler’s proudest accomplishments. Gensheng’s majestic photographs of the urban landscape surrounding China’s tallest building provide a glimpse of the dramatic weather and urban vistas that will be afforded to building occupants and visitors. The Tower topped out last summer and is slated for completion in 2014. Over the past few months, the Tower has received coverage in many global publications, including a profile in The Economist and a Financial Times’ piece assessing its sustainable elements.

As the Tower nears completion, we look forward to sharing more facts about this buildings and the paradigm shift it represents for the future of vertical superstructures and their surrounding communities.

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