Building Blocks of Change: A Design Workshop
Patricia Nobre and Meghan Webster in SXSW2015

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Many innovations that shape our lives come from organizations that value experimentation and collaboration. This begins at the corporate ethos level and is reflected in and enhanced by workplace design. In education, we are beginning to see pedagogy approaches that foster these same values, but the design of learning environments has not kept pace. In this workshop we distill the essence of what makes these spaces successful and use this information to create a list of characteristic design strategies for the next generation of learning environments. But the real work happens afterwards: how can the lessons we uncover help us implement change when we return to our own organizations?

That’s a conversation that we hope to facilitate at SXSWedu, a conference that fosters innovation in learning. If you’d like to support us, along with our workshop partners David Schonthal (founder of MATTER Chicago and, Director of Business Design for IDEO, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship faculty at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management) and David Stephen (founder of New Vista Designs for Learning), please vote for our proposed panel here. Find additional information on Gensler’s approach to re-imagining learning environments through design.

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