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Virtual Reality, Digital Technology and YOU

Image courtesy of Gensler.

Gensler is ready to hit the road to Austin, Texas, and we need your help! Our proposed panel for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017 will explore the future of digital and virtual reality, and how we should prepare to engage with these technologies as they continue to advance.

Chasing Experience: Your Future on Mixed Reality

Advanced visualization technologies are developing rapidly. With that comes the potential for profound transformation in our experience of daily life, from interacting with the world and people around us, to our design and use of space, to the tools we use to engage with this brave new world. The session will lay bare your future world on mixed reality. Our experts, including a tech futurist; a Hollywood producer; a technical product developer and an experience designer, will consider how advanced visualization technologies will fundamentally change—or not—the way we live our lives. The future is going to be wild ride so hang on tight… You decide if what you’re hanging onto is real or not.

In our proposed panel, Gensler’s Experience Designer, Alan Robles; Dylan Hendricks, director, Ten-Year Program; Alisa Tager, producer, Laboratory Productions; and D’Arcy Salzmann, Strategy, Hololens & studio manager, Future Bureau, will explore how the development of mixed reality will change our engagement with the world around us.

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