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LA Forward: Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods

Confidential mixed-use project. Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series, “What Makes My City Livable?” on how cities make the experience of living more enjoyable.

Los Angeles is city that has as many neighborhoods as it does languages it speaks. The diversity in the makeup of our neighborhoods is one of our city’s greatest assets. From our quiet residential suburbs with agrarian roots to our bustling urban core with soaring high rises, our city is continually changing. We acknowledge that growth and increased density is not just probable, it is inevitable.

Our challenge is: how do we harness the best elements of growth and allow development to occur in the right places—near existing transit, mobility corridors and services?

Join us in embracing the future of your neighborhood by helping us all move LA Forward.

LA FORWARD – Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods from Gensler LA on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series on embracing the future of mobility to move LA Forward.

For more information, please email forward@gensler.com.

Brian Glodney is enchanted by all things urban, and his passion rests in creating healthy, sustainable, and vibrant places and cities. Brian's work has allowed him to study, experience, and work within the thriving metropolis, the downtrodden exurbs, and everything in between. As a Recognized Practitioner of Urban Design, it is his enthusiasm for urban design that permeates his work at every scale, from creating healthy community visions, to urban infill projects, to sports-anchored mixed-use. You can contact Brian at brian_glodney@gensler.com.
Claudia Carol is the planning and urban design practice area leader of Gensler’s southwest region, with over 25 years of architectural and planning experience ranging from schools and universities to healthcare campuses to mixed-use developments and hospitality projects. Her delight in the urban environment encompasses both the built and experiential aspects of our cities. Contact Claudia at claudia_carol@gensler.com.
Jordan Kessler is an urban designer, passionate about examining and imagining the synergies that emerge at the intersection of density and public space. Jordan brings a design sensitivity that fuses his interests in ecology, cultural futures, emerging technologies and infrastructures into a comprehensive approach to planning and urban design. With project experience that ranges from the local to the regional in scale, Jordan promotes design strategies that seek to minimize the impact of development on the land while maximizing its value for client, stakeholders and the public realm. Contact him at Jordan_Kessler@gensler.com.
Dylan Jones is an internationally licensed architect with nearly 20 years of experience in planning and design for both private and public sector clients. As a leader of Gensler’s Urban Design & Planning group, he works at the intersection of private development and public infrastructure, believing mobility is a core building block of the 21st-century, sustainable city. Dylan is currently leading strategic planning and design efforts with LA Metro directly, and with private developers on Metro Joint Development projects. Contact him at Dylan_Jones@gensler.com.