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A Collaborative Design and Delivery Process

The Memorial to Fallen Officers is situated in a public plaza at the new LAPD headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department unveiled the Gensler designed Memorial to Fallen Officers in 2009 to honor the sacrifice individual officers have made for the common good.

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Shanghai Tower: Influences on Design

Shanghai Tower

The design of Shanghai Tower derives from three basic ideas related to the city of Shanghai and the rise of China as an economic and cultural influence.

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Can Technology Transform Public Transit in LA?


Rapid Urbanization and the Need for Open Spaces

Rapid urbanization is upon us. A report from the U.N. projects that by midcentury nearly 69 percent of the earth’s population will live in cities. This coming shift will mandate vast changes to urban infrastructure, including increased access to quality open spaces.

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Designing Libraries in a Digital World

Among myriad programming assignments that clients assign to their architects, perhaps no other building type is more challenging to plan than the contemporary library.

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