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First Look: Houston Ballet Center for Dance

Opening April 9, 2011, Houston Ballet’s Center for Dance will create both a new gateway to downtown Houston and a visual reminder of the city’s commitment to the performing arts. Jim Furr, who hosted this weekend's Houston Ballet Annual Gala with his wife Jo, recently sat down with me to discuss Houston's vibrant arts scene and why ballet is so important in his hometown.

Why is Houston Ballet important to the city of Houston? What role do the arts play in the city’s culture?

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Creating a Sense of Place

Many airports lack a distinct sense of place. They fail to reflect the culture of their host cities, preventing travelers from experiencing their terminals as unique spaces. By not establishing a sense of character within their walls, these airports miss out on an opportunity to elevate passengers’ travel experience. We strove to avoid this problem in our design for the North Concourse at Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, California.

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A First Look at the NYSID Graduate School

After Dr. Christopher Cyphers became president of the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), he set out to improve the institution’s programs and physical space. One such improvement is a new Gensler-designed graduate school building that will house several new program offerings. The building is also meant to foster interactions between students and faculty and create a collaborative learning environment. Robin Klehr Avia, Vice Chairperson of Gensler and Managing Principal of the Northeast Region, talked with Dr. Cyphers about NYSID’s expectations for the project and how the Gensler design team met them.


SFO, Past & Future, Part One

In 1981 Gensler redesigned San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal (SFO T2) based on the idea that airports should put the needs of passengers above those of the airplanes.

30 years later, we are applying that same concept to our latest renovation of SFO T2. Slated for completion in April 2011, the newly renovated terminal will elevate passengers’ experience of skylife, while highlighting the distinct culture of the Bay Area.

Q & A with Art Gensler

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Care to Take a Stroll on the River Thames?

Gensler's Plan for London River Park Wins Best Conceptual Project at Planning Excellence Award