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Reviving a Rustbelt City


The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago

We're delighted to present our design for the addition to one of Chicago's great historic landmarks, The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. Sited on Michigan Avenue amidst Chicago’s most popular shopping district and immediately across the street from the John Hancock Tower, Fourth Church is one of the most visible religious institutions in Chicago.

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Rebuilding Haiti, One School at a Time

In the wake of Haiti’s worst earthquake in two centuries, people around the globe sought ways to assist the devastated island nation. At Gensler, we began by tackling a single project: rebuilding a school.

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Drawing a Greener Future

Watch as Gensler's Douglas Wittnebel creates a full size mural depicting a vision of what a sustainable community might look like in the future. Completed in four hours over two days, Doug's drawing was featured at Gensler's San Ramon, California office for the IIDA event, "Greening and Growing the East Bay."

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Evolving Cities / Evolving Use

Cities throughout the world today are facing an unprecedented challenge to provide ‘more’ – more buildings and more infrastructure for more people. The UN World Urbanization Prospects, published in March this year, tells us that there will be 2 billion new urban dwellers in the next 20 years.

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