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Size Matters Not: Designing Sustainable Airport Terminals 

Sustainability, air travel, and India are not three concepts that pop to mind as single thought, but I believe that will change when the new Gensler designed terminals at Chennai International Airport in March of 2012.

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Architecture, Storytelling + Film

Adam Goss and Red Mike founded the digital media company Spirit of Space in 2006 to “promote a greater awareness of designed environments for the architectural profession and the wider public audience.” The company recently shot several videos at San Francisco International Airport’s renovated Terminal 2, designed by Gensler, and we sat down with Adam and Mike to talk about video production as it relates to architecture and their impressions of the new T2.

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Airports after 9/11

Most post-9/11 architecture commentary has focused on the design of tall buildings. That’s understandable, but 9/11’s impact on tall buildings was actually quite simple and immediate: construction on most supertall buildings in the United States halted in the wake of the attacks. People were afraid to inhabit and invest in skyscrapers, and it took time to design new security and structural measures to address concerns and move forward.

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Art + Design at the Airport

Gensler undertook the renovation of San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 (SFO T2), the design team’s overriding vision was to create a terminal inspired by the Bay Area’s culture and aesthetic. We wanted to create micro-climates or neighborhoods within the terminal, and we knew that art could strengthen that idea.

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Creating a Sense of Place

Many airports lack a distinct sense of place. They fail to reflect the culture of their host cities, preventing travelers from experiencing their terminals as unique spaces. By not establishing a sense of character within their walls, these airports miss out on an opportunity to elevate passengers’ travel experience. We strove to avoid this problem in our design for the North Concourse at Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, California.

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