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Speak Easy: Hospitality’s Influences on Education

Image © Gensler

Anyone who has ever stepped into a luxury spa or resort knows that hospitality is more than expensive products, materials and furnishings; it’s about the service and the curated experiences. People are seeking these meaningful, authentic experiences not just in hotels, but in the office, where they go shopping, and even at universities. This was the main theme of our second Speak Easy session on the impact of hospitality on how we live, work and play.

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Designing Campus Communities for Living and Learning

The Garage at Northwestern, Image: Garrett Rowland

This year Pamela Delphenich (PD) led a series of conversations on key issues surrounding the design of campus communities for living and learning. On May 18th she spoke with Henry Humphreys (HH), Dean of Students at Philadelphia University, former Senior Associate Dean for Student Life at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former Director of Residential Life, Boston College. They discussed what priorities are truly important in creating a holistic student experience that supports academics, wellness and social growth.

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