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Entries in Downtown Revitalization (2)


SWITCH!: (Re-)activating Urban Space in an Autonomous Future

SWITCH! is a six-piece set of unique, interlocking elements flat-packed into a 10’ x 6’ x 3’ volume. The surfaces of the eccentric sculptural shapes are rendered in two shades of color, the lighter one of which is also visible at night. Components are configurable in a surprising variety of combinations, within an individual set and among multiple, so they are adaptable to different settings. Image © Gensler

Much is made of the promise of technology for the future of cities, but this has for the most part focused upon efficiency, convenience and public health. The latter is as much a social issue as a physiological one—related to how well a “smarter” city also spurs increased and unexpected forms of interaction. With this goal in mind, we developed SWITCH!, a revolutionary street furniture prototype designed to provoke new narratives and activities that will be unlocked by the advent of the autonomous vehicle.

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Crowdus: Reviving Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas

Drugstore Cowboy sits at the junction of Main Street and Crowdus. When it rains, silver edged light filters through painted window panels saturated with color. Against the bruised skies on an early weekday morning, soaked brick buildings and graffiti spattered walls give life to mostly deserted streets. Inside the coffee bar, a small group of designers and activists from Gensler, Studio Outside, Design Future Dallas, and the Deep Ellum Foundation have pushed a couple of weathered wood tables together. Site maps, plans and process renderings cover all surfaces; a cohesive design begins to emerge and take shape.

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