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What Makes a Great Learning Space?

What is it that makes a great learning space? Some experts would have us believe that learning spaces need state-of-the-art audio-visual systems connected to worldwide networks. Others seem to think that if you can move the furniture around, you can create something special.

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Designing Libraries in a Digital World

Among myriad programming assignments that clients assign to their architects, perhaps no other building type is more challenging to plan than the contemporary library.

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High-Impact, Low-Cost Design at Vistamar School 

How can a school use space making to facilitate learning? By providing learning spaces that promote thoughtful interaction between students and teachers throughout the school day.

A Gensler design team pursued that strategy when they converted an empty warehouse on the campus of Vistamar School in El Segundo, Calif., into a vibrant new wing full of classrooms and collaborative learning spaces. In addition to refreshing the campus, the new wing will support increased enrollment in future years.

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