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Museums in a Digital Age: One Size Does Not Fit All 

The Rubens house, Antwerp- Apple iBeacon technology applied to classical art.

With the decrease of available public funding for cultural projects and institutions, museums are challenged to prove their relevance and set themselves at the forefront of consumer attractions to engage more visitors and increase revenue.

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Luxury Student Living and the Rise of the Mid-Sized City

The Loft Right Fullerton Dorms. Image © Michelle Litvin

A major shift happened in the mid-1990s when luxury student housing grabbed a foothold on college campuses across the country. The notion of shared bedrooms or, even worse, shared bathrooms (the horror!), were thrown out the window. Students were demanding their own private spaces, complete with all of the amenities they were accustomed to having at home: larger beds, living rooms, kitchens with granite countertops—and full-sized fridges—and quiet places to study (this is college after all).

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Building Blocks of Change

Workshop participants establish the building blocks of change. Image © Gensler

Inspiration and innovation happen when ideas intersect, yet starting in kindergarten we are taught to put objects, thoughts, and ideas into isolated buckets. Math, Science and English buckets. Good and bad idea buckets.

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What TMCx Could Mean for Houston’s Future

Texas Medical Center’s TMCx business accelerator. Image © Shau Lin Hon

Bold ideas like the Texas Medical Center’s new TMCx business accelerator can change cities and affect the lives of millions of people the world over. Not only will new discoveries born at TMCx reflect well on its hometown, Houston, they could also change the future of healthcare delivery and advance care.

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Dialogues with Gensler: Proactive Lifelong Learning

Gensler's Chicago office hosted the second event in the three-part Dialogues with Gensler series on March 26. Panelists and guests discussed how to make lifelong learning a proactive proposition. Image © Vanessa Churchill/gensler

Lifelong learning is a beautiful phrase, full of ambition while remaining conveniently vague. Everyone claims they’re a lifelong learner. But what does that mean, and what does it look like in practice?

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