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Education 3.0: Life After Tech

The Dwight-Englewood School. Image © Gensler

The educational technology arms race is on. It all started in 1991 when a certain company invented an interactive whiteboard that would allow a teacher to interface with a computer and the class at the same time. Fast forward to 2014 and the discussion of “EdTech” is now dominant, overtaking the discussion of pedagogy and causing schools and school districts to allocate significant financial resources just to keep pace. Yet while these new technologies have the power to enhance learning, a small but vocal segment of the education community is beginning to wonder if the proliferation of tech has gone too far.

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High-Yield Workplace: How Well-being Drives Learning on the Academic Campus

Image © Gensler

From faculty start-ups to perceptions of Animal House, the discussion at Gensler Chicago’s most recent Dialogues panel brought an interdisciplinary lens to High-Yield Workplace.

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KIPP NYC College Prep Highlighted in CBS News Feature on President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative

Image © Gensler

On Friday, February 28, President Barack Obama announced a new initiative, My Brother's Keeper, aimed at helping minority boys and men achieve success in school and life. In the CBS News clip above, KIPP NYC College Prep, whose new high school in the Bronx was designed by Gensler, is cited as an example of a school that's leading the charge to educate and empower young people in New York.

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Teaching Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Image © Gensler

James Berry Elementary School, located in Houston, Texas, is a prime example of how to incorporate sustainable design principles into the Pre K–5 curriculum. On Monday, February 5, ULI Houston honored the school with a ULI Houston Development of Distinction Award, in the not-for-profit category.

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Transforming Student Well-being from Episodic to Everyday

Image © Gensler

Before the holiday season and before Chicago became known as Chiberia, Gensler launched a new, three-part series of Dialogues. Unlike previous Dialogues series, this particular installment was cross-disciplinary in nature, combining the best minds from both Education and Health & Wellness to discuss wellbeing on the college campus.

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