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Confronting the Library Paradox

Image © Gensler

The future of the library is a topic that has commanded significant attention in recent years, often intertwined within a larger discussion about need for books and print publications in an increasingly digital age. But interestingly, I’ve noticed in many cases these discussions quickly turn away from the pragmatic question of books and resources to something more ephemeral, and often more emotional.

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SENSESCAPE: #summerstudio13

Image © Gensler

Campuses worldwide are beginning to change in many ways. In a time when more than half of the world’s population resides in cities, students are being confronted with new ways of learning and interacting. As students become increasingly dependent on technology, the pace and competitiveness of their work is heightened, leaving many feeling isolated and stressed.

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Digital Natives and the Campus of the Future

Image © Gensler

In July, the World Futures Society came to Chicago for their annual conference. I was asked to speak about the “Future of the University,” specifically the urban renaissance that has been occurring over the past few years. I used the opportunity to do a bit of future-casting, and predict what the university will look like. The results are below.

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Exploring the Future Campus: #summerstudio13 Kicks-off!

Image © Gensler

What happens when you bring together anthropologists, philosophers, urbanists, architects, and designers to discuss the issues facing students today? Is there a way to improve accessibility to education? What defines a campus? How can students afford school? Can a community be more involved with its neighboring university? How can campuses reduce their environmental footprint?

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Recreating the Oval Office at the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Photo courtesy of Rena Hardeman.

Designers aren’t typically excited about the opportunity to replicate spaces. But when former first lady Laura Bush asked Gensler to replicate the Oval Office within the new George W. Bush Presidential Center, we were thrilled.

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