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Can Incubators Make Universities Relevant Again?

Image © Gensler

As headlines lament mushrooming student debt and a “higher education bubble,” Google—a choice employer and renowned innovator—says college degrees aren’t a prerequisite for the talent they seek. So why should young people invest in degrees? Is higher education still relevant? Universities must change to survive, and there is an interesting model that offers ideas for a new way of learning: the academic incubator.

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What TMCx Could Mean for Houston’s Future

Texas Medical Center’s TMCx business accelerator. Image © Shau Lin Hon

Bold ideas like the Texas Medical Center’s new TMCx business accelerator can change cities and affect the lives of millions of people the world over. Not only will new discoveries born at TMCx reflect well on its hometown, Houston, they could also change the future of healthcare delivery and advance care.

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The On-Campus Experience and Alumni Giving

Image © Gensler

At Gensler, we have spent the past few years researching student life on colleges and universities across the globe. And it has been quite interesting to see the impact the digital native generation has had on design implications for the spaces we create. We have found that technology, as opposed to completed space, is the biggest driver of campus change. This makes sense, considering new campuses must cater to the needs of students who stay online 24/7.

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A Closer Look at Student Housing 

The new College Avenue Commons at Arizona State University. Image © Bill Timmerman

The college campus is in a state of change. Flipped classrooms, rising costs, and other factors are forcing universities to redefine the student experience, and housing lies at the center of this constantly evolving equation.

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Academic Incubators: Fostering Connections at the University of East London

The University of East London (UEL). Image © Morley von Sternberg

Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” and this line of reasoning is especially relevant in the redevelopment of University of East London’s Knowledge Dock space. College and universities have begun to realise that solving the problems inherent to their current on-campus spaces will require seeking inspiration from non-educational environments. They are eschewing the type of reasoning which they’ve used in the past in favour of ideas embraced by other successful industries.

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