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Designing Libraries in a Digital World

Among myriad programming assignments that clients assign to their architects, perhaps no other building type is more challenging to plan than the contemporary library.

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High-Impact, Low-Cost Design at Vistamar School 

How can a school use space making to facilitate learning? By providing learning spaces that promote thoughtful interaction between students and teachers throughout the school day.

A Gensler design team pursued that strategy when they converted an empty warehouse on the campus of Vistamar School in El Segundo, Calif., into a vibrant new wing full of classrooms and collaborative learning spaces. In addition to refreshing the campus, the new wing will support increased enrollment in future years.

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A First Look at the NYSID Graduate School

After Dr. Christopher Cyphers became president of the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), he set out to improve the institution’s programs and physical space. One such improvement is a new Gensler-designed graduate school building that will house several new program offerings. The building is also meant to foster interactions between students and faculty and create a collaborative learning environment. Robin Klehr Avia, Vice Chairperson of Gensler and Managing Principal of the Northeast Region, talked with Dr. Cyphers about NYSID’s expectations for the project and how the Gensler design team met them.


The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago

We're delighted to present our design for the addition to one of Chicago's great historic landmarks, The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. Sited on Michigan Avenue amidst Chicago’s most popular shopping district and immediately across the street from the John Hancock Tower, Fourth Church is one of the most visible religious institutions in Chicago.

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Rebuilding Haiti, One School at a Time

In the wake of Haiti’s worst earthquake in two centuries, people around the globe sought ways to assist the devastated island nation. At Gensler, we began by tackling a single project: rebuilding a school.

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