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Water and Resilience at the Clark

The reflecting pool at the Clark. Photo © Gensler, Chris Leonard Photographer

When visitors arrive at The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (the Clark) in Williamstown, Mass., they are greeted by a wonderful sense of calm. Tadao Ando, design architect for the project, recently stated “This is a great place to contemplate what it means to be alive.” Whenever I’m immersed in this environment, I feel a deep connection to art, architecture and nature. Being at the Clark creates a heightened awareness of each; the beauty is in the overwhelming feeling itself. It is pure joy.

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Collaboration and the Executive Architect

Maddy Burke-Vigeland, Gary Hilderbrand, Tadao Ando and Annabelle Selldorf at the grand re-opening of the Clark Art Institute. Image Gensler

For the past decade, Gensler has had the privilege of serving as Executive Architect for the expansion of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (The Clark), and Principal Maddy Burke-Vigeland, AIA, has directed the project for our team. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Design Architects Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Selldorf Architects, and wHY Architecture; Landscape Architects Reed Hilderbrand; and Master Planner Cooper, Robertson & Partners, in the design and implementation of the project which includes a new Visitor Center, renovation of the existing Museum Building and the Manton Research Center, and extensive new landscaping.

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