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Entries in Future of Libraries (3)


What is the Function of Libraries in Our New “Wired” World?

The exterior of the San Jacinto College Lee Davis Library. Image © Gensler

Will books go the way of papyrus scrolls—relics of another age kept in glass boxes? That’s a question weighing heavily on the minds of many as our world becomes progressively digitized. Even the most devoted bookworms are wondering if their objects of affection can survive the era of Kindles, eBooks and BuzzFeed listicles.

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Librii: Five Points Toward an Evolving Library

Image courtesy of Gensler

One billion people live in Africa, but less than three percent of the population has access to broadband Internet.

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The College Library is Ready for its Close-Up

It seems that every few decades, a shining star of a space gets its 15 minutes of fame on college campuses. At one time or another student unions, recreation centers, and student housing have each been the preferred perceived center of campus. And while students were busy hanging out in the food-rich and socially active student unions and the fitness oriented recreation centers, it seemed that the book repository had been forgotten. The role of school library—that place where students used to read, touch and smell the thousands of books that are neatly shelved on rows in these cloistered, quiet study areas—is evolving as fast as the technologies we now rely on to get information.

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