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Aging in Place, Redefined

The Center on Halsted Senior Housing, as conceived by Gensler. Image © Gensler

We’ve all heard the term “aging in place.” It typically refers to the ability to remain in your own home as long as possible rather than being forced into an assisted living facility because home can no longer support your evolving physical or mental well-being. Aging in place isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly gaining traction under the broader heading of senior living, partly because a “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers keeps flowing deeper into this demographic.

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Resilience Isn't Just About Engineering; Social Connections Matter, Too

Gensler's design for the Willowbrook Martin Luther King Wellness Center has been nominated for an A+ Architizer Award. Photo credit: Gensler

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Incremental Urbanism at the Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community

Photo credit: Gensler

Claudia Carol co-authored this post.

Incremental urbanism is the idea that revitalization efforts in urban environments will only take hold if communities approach such efforts one step at a time.

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Can Cities Make Us Healthy? (A Response)

In my last post on the connection between cities and health I outlined what I see as both an opportunity and a challenge around healthy cities. Health benefits from the increased walking and cycling that urban areas can promote have been well documented. Policy makers, developers and designers are taking this to heart in some really exciting ways.

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Can cities make us healthier?

Amid all the discussion about the future of healthcare, there’s a side discussion that’s gaining momentum. Healthcare is one thing; health is another. Talking about health means addressing the way we live, work, consume – forming a discussion around prevention rather than treatment. If we really want to reduce the cost of healthcare, prevention is the big opportunity.

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