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BoomTown: The Promise of ‘Ageless Thinking’ 

Image © Gensler/ Ryan Gobuty

“As a society, we tend to believe that each generation is an insular one, and that the interests of each are unique and separate from those of others. But now more than ever, people young and old must join forces to address problems that affect both of their communities.” Michael Eisner

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BoomTown: A Future for All Ages

Image Jeff Sheldon, unsplash.com

According to AgingCare.com, 43 percent of senior citizens today are lonely and, therefore, significantly more likely to suffer health problems and die at a younger age. This illuminating and overlooked statistic illustrates how shortsighted the current paradigm for retirement communities is and why we must change how we think about senior living.

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Speaking of Livability

The stairs to Sydney’s Opera House invite a social moment. Photo: John J. Parman.

The new issue of Dialogue is designed to be read on any online device that suits you—a transition, 17 years after its debut as a print magazine, that speaks to how ideas and information reach us now. On a recent trip to Europe, I read a book on my iPhone—a necessity in the dimmed cabin of a 787, but one that spares me having to bring six paperbacks along to catch up on my reading.

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Uniting Healthcare and Community: What Healthcare Customers Crave

Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series related to Uniting Healthcare + Community.

If you are a healthcare provider, you know it is no longer good enough to simply provide excellent medical care. The rapid growth and expansion of outpatient health care services have created a fiercely competitive market where patients (finally) have a choice. Hospital systems are becoming health systems with primary care networks; community clinics are expanding to vie for the growing insured populations; and disruptive retail and telehealth providers are filling the gaps with on-demand care. Add to this the rise of high-deductible health plans and patients not only have a choice in where they seek care—they are financially motivated to make informed decisions that maximize value. Patients have become consumers, and only the healthcare providers who understand what their patients really want will win their loyalty.

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From Macro to Micro: Improving the Healthcare Experience through the Design Process

The Healthcare and Paradigm Shift, Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series related to Uniting Healthcare + Community.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the hospital lobby at University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), a healthy man spends many of his days with strangers-made-friends—the security guard, the little lady that runs the gift shop, and the customers at his favorite cookie stand. He’s there not out of obligation or necessity—he’s neither sick nor a hospital employee. He’s there for community. A few years back his wife had passed; he came back to the hospital to feel a connection to her. In doing so, he created community, through an unconventional way and in an unexpected place.

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