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ZIP Code Health and Design: Why Community Provided Health Care Matters

Your zip code is a big prediction of your overall health. Community provided health care like Chicago’s Cook County Central Campus Health Center brings resources to areas in need. Image © Gensler

Your biggest health predictor isn’t your cholesterol level, your blood pressure or your age; it’s your ZIP code. That’s what David B. Nash, M.D., dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, asserted during his presentation at the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Healthcare Leadership. He noted, “The most important five-digit number I need to predict your health status and well-being is your ZIP code.” As Nash suggests, geography is a big factor impacting an individual’s overall health—from access to healthcare and information to quality of life, and even life expectancy.

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Making the Case for Medical Travel

Medical travel is a growing trend, as increasingly, more people are traveling to seek care.

Anyone who’s ever traveled has likely done so with someone who’s sick. And most of us have traveled when we weren’t in the pink of health. The reality is that every day, millions of people are traveling while sick. But increasingly, many of them are traveling because they are sick and seeking the care they need to get better. Unless we are one of them, we are usually not aware of these medical travelers, their special needs, or the service industry that has grown to meet those needs.

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Six Key Drivers Transforming Healthcare Business

Image © Gensler

Healthcare expenditures in the U.S. are ballooning, with projections indicating an increase of $3.5 trillion between 2010 and 2040. There are numerous factors spurring such robust growth, yet the two prime factors are a graying population and millions more Americans insured under the Affordable Care Act. At first blush, the future for the health services industry would seem rosy. Yet a closer look reveals that upward sloping expenditures don’t necessarily correlate to increasing revenues. Profitability is still a concern, particularly for hospitals, which are dealing with upticks in labor expenses and the cost of supplies. (In fact, many hospitals are still figuring out how to precisely measure their costs.)

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On the [Health Tech] Fit Grid: Towards Preventative and Chronic Care

Image © Gensler

I don’t mean to brag, but you could say that I’m the perfect private insurance customer: single, healthy, and fit. That is, until recently.

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Designing Maternity Care for Millennial Moms

The Children's Health Fetal Center. Image © Slyworks Photography.

Millennials are the new moms. Time is flying, and in a few years all new mothers will be Millennials (or Gen Y). This generation is information-centric, so with limitless access to information many mothers-to-be obsess over every detail of impending motherhood, including finding the perfect place to give birth.

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