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Entries in Olympics (2)


A Spectacle on Our Streets

Olympic Regent Street in London. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mabacam.

Here we are rapidly racing to the closing stages of the Olympics. It’s happening too fast with too much to absorb, but London continues to buzz with the excitement, drama and spectacle of the world’s greatest sporting festival. Already the pundits, skeptics and media are out speculating each other on what it all means. How do the Olympics change us? What is the overall meaning of the games? As summer finally arrives late for the party, the mind starts to wander and reflect on the hereafter. What happens to London after the closing ceremony, and what happens to the places and facilities so heroically created on time and on budget? Will there be an Olympic hangover? What does ‘LEGACY’ mean in the context of the games?

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An Olympic Legacy: The Courage of an Aspirational Vision

The 1948 Olympic Games helped inspire England to lift itself out of the ashes of World War II and start anew. Photo courtesy of Flickr user quiquemendizabal.

After the new World and Olympic Record’s are inked in the books (albeit digitally), the athletes, media and visitors depart, organizers and volunteers recover from the hang-over, and the traffic ebbs, only one question will remain: What will the legacy be to London?

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