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Cahuenga Crossing: Bringing Open Space to Hollywood

Gensler's vision for Cahuenga Crossing. Image © Gensler

Hollywood, as a federally defined Enterprise Zone, is critically lacking open space and has a community general health-quotient well below the county average. With limited funds, and even more limited developable area, the challenge to create new open space in the Hollywood is a formidable challenge.

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Barbican Pop-Up Garden

The new pop-up garden at the London Underground's Barbican station. Image © Gensler

Every day we Londoners make our way through the urban jungle. Our daily routines bring us together with strangers and friends alike and together we endure some of the more dire spaces that our modern metropolis produces. And yet we discover opportunities in the strangest places to improve our urban environment and perhaps put a smile on the faces of our fellow urbanites.

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Creating High Performing Urban Cities through Placemaking

“James John Jetel for Chicago Loop Alliance | jjjetel.com.

As we wrap up another year of outdoor activities in downtown Chicago, I am blown away by the increasing livability of urban environments in the United States.

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