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Radical Collaboration: 48 in 48

Image © Gensler

Not-for-profits spend most of their time doing good, not looking good. One organization, 48in48, aims to change that—with an audacious goal: building 48 websites for 48 not-for-profits in 48 hours. Their first inaugural event in Atlanta in 2015 delivered $1,200,000 of value to not-for-profits over a 48 hour period. Since then, they have expanded to six cities—with a plan to reach 48 cities by 2025. The impact of delivering 2,304 websites to not-for-profits in one weekend has incredible potential for positive impact and provides significant value to the communities and missions they serve. But how could 48in48 extend this impact even further—to elevate their mission by taking their event to a global scale?

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Radical Collaboration: The Power of Unlikely Partnerships

This blog post is part of a series on Purpose-Driven Design for the Not-For-Profit world.

As we learned in our 50 conversations, the non-profit world is a rapidly evolving one. Forever chasing unpredictable funding streams, the wandering attentions of the public, and amid a political sphere in upheaval, non-profits are being forced to examine their operational partnership models. Looking at the of the worlds of music, media, and business shows us that unexpected alliances can, in fact, not only produce symbiotic relationships, but drive the creation of something even greater.

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Radical Collaboration: 50 Conversations 

This blog post is part of a series on Purpose-Driven Design.

“Our mission will be achieved when there are no more NFPs that have to choose between serving communities and keeping the lights on.” – Chandra Farley, former Program Manager, Southface Energy Institute

Not-for-profits have a real estate problem. They also have a donor problem. And a retention problem. And a resource problem. Thankfully, they are also presented with an incredible opportunity. We are in a moment of great need for leadership and vision around the intractable social challenges of our time. People are seeking more purpose in both their work and personal lives. They are blending their passions, beliefs and goals into cross-cutting pursuits that imbue their everyday lives with deeper meaning.

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