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Entries in Reimagining Learning (7)


Let’s Get Physical: Design Possibilities for the Digital Classroom

Motorola Mobility’s Chicago Headquarters fuses cutting-edge technology and workplace design to become a benchmark for the creative office. Image © Eric Laignel.

Last year, we ran a blog series on Reimagining Learning in which our team defined six learning behaviors—acquire, experience, collaborate, and reflect, master, and convey—and identified how physical space can support them. As companies are increasingly looking for people who can do things like communicate clearly, solve complex challenges, lead teams and define strategic direction, a growing number of learners are turning to any resource where they can learn these skills quickly, effectively and in sync with their busy lives. Thus far these skills have been taught in-person, but today many online resources are successfully teaching them in an entirely digital environment.

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Designing Campus Communities for Living and Learning

The Garage at Northwestern, Image: Garrett Rowland

This year Pamela Delphenich (PD) led a series of conversations on key issues surrounding the design of campus communities for living and learning. On May 18th she spoke with Henry Humphreys (HH), Dean of Students at Philadelphia University, former Senior Associate Dean for Student Life at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former Director of Residential Life, Boston College. They discussed what priorities are truly important in creating a holistic student experience that supports academics, wellness and social growth.

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The New Wave: Innovative Learning Environments

The Garage at Northwestern, Image: Garrett Rowland.

Innovative learning environments have hit the mainstream in recent years - academic incubators and their ensuing culture of entrepreneurship and innovation are emerging on campuses globally. These spaces are playing a large part in the evolution of today’s education environments and have become a powerful tool for learning, collaboration and institutional student yield. Colleges and universities are competing to keep up with this trend and meet the modern student’s needs for success.

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Building Blocks of Change

Workshop participants establish the building blocks of change. Image © Gensler

Inspiration and innovation happen when ideas intersect, yet starting in kindergarten we are taught to put objects, thoughts, and ideas into isolated buckets. Math, Science and English buckets. Good and bad idea buckets.

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A Hybrid of Learning: Culture + Education + Community

Dialogues with Gensler panelists Antonia Contro, Shayne Evans, and Sam Dyson. Image © Vanessa Churchill/Gensler

How do we approach the task of youth education in a city like Chicago, a city with a spotty record of keeping students engaged? Or, to ask a larger question, how do we show students they can be critical thinkers and leaders? And how can we marshal our resources – technological, professional and otherwise – to create city-wide connected learning experiences for students?

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