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Places to Test, Break and Rebuild

Pieces of our Livesby GollyGforce is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Making is part of our DNA”, says Shane Farritor, referring to the culture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Farritor is the founder and faculty sponsor of the Nebraska Innovation Studio, a new maker space designed by Gensler that is part engineering lab, part art studio, and part business accelerator. “There are so many talented people who grow up in rural areas building and creating things. It’s one of the things I most respect about the state,” he says. Farritor grew up tinkering in his family’s hardware store, and eventually went onto earn a Ph.D. at MIT, where he spent many hours in the MIT Hobby Shop—a unique extracurricular facility where students have access to sophisticated equipment, but with the freedom to pursue their own projects. The Institute makes this resource available, in large part, because of a deeply-held belief that hands-on experimentation develops important problem solving and analytical skills. Perhaps equally important, the Hobby Shop provides an outlet for exploration of personal interests outside of curricular requirements.

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Reimagining Learning: Defining Strategies for Engagement

Image © Gensler

If you were tasked with reimagining learning, where would you start? As designers, we approach most projects by reimagining what could be—whether it’s a transformative leap, an impactful experience, or simply helping something work better. To reimagine learning is a tall order. Although we’ve conducted a number of studies over the last several years focused on the successes and shortfalls of spaces for learning, we’ve only scratched the surface of the broader conversation.

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