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Architecture, Storytelling + Film

Adam Goss and Red Mike founded the digital media company Spirit of Space in 2006 to “promote a greater awareness of designed environments for the architectural profession and the wider public audience.” The company recently shot several videos at San Francisco International Airport’s renovated Terminal 2, designed by Gensler, and we sat down with Adam and Mike to talk about video production as it relates to architecture and their impressions of the new T2.

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Recycling an Airport Terminal: How We Made SFO T2

Gensler partnered with filmmakers Spirit of Space earlier this year to create two films around our new terminal at San Francisco International Airport’s new Terminal 2 (T2).

In this first video shot during the final month of construction, we explore how Gensler and Turner made T2 in a unique design/build partnership. Art Gensler (our founder) and Victor Perry of Turner explain what's different about T2, what it means to San Francisco, and how this project was unique for the design and construction team who built T2 together.


Art + Design at the Airport

Gensler undertook the renovation of San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 (SFO T2), the design team’s overriding vision was to create a terminal inspired by the Bay Area’s culture and aesthetic. We wanted to create micro-climates or neighborhoods within the terminal, and we knew that art could strengthen that idea.

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SFO, Past & Future, Part One

In 1981 Gensler redesigned San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal (SFO T2) based on the idea that airports should put the needs of passengers above those of the airplanes.

30 years later, we are applying that same concept to our latest renovation of SFO T2. Slated for completion in April 2011, the newly renovated terminal will elevate passengers’ experience of skylife, while highlighting the distinct culture of the Bay Area.

Q & A with Art Gensler

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How an Airport Can Make the World a Greener Place


Editor’s Note: A year ago, when San Francisco International Airport announced that it would pursue LEED Gold certification for Terminal 2, Steve Weindel wrote the post outlining our sustainability goals for the project. Today, we’re delighted to say that T2 is the first U.S. airport terminal to become LEED Gold-certified, and our original goals are now reality.

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