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Shanghai Tower: A Tower for China’s Current Moment 

Image © Blackstation

When I was a graduate student of architecture at Columbia, one of my professors, Yehuda Safran, told me, “You are young, and when you are young, history appears to be flat. As you get older, history takes on more topography.” As Shanghai Tower nears completion, I’ve been thinking about Yehuda’s remark. I knew at the time that even if what he was saying was true, I couldn’t fully appreciate it. Since then I’ve come to a deeper understanding of what he meant.

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Parks in the sky? Subterranean bike paths? Meet the livable city, designed in 3-D 

The Shanghai Tower. Image © Gensler

Some of the most cutting-edge things going on behind-the-scenes in architecture today involve advanced 3-D modeling and digital design technology. Architects and designers are now using game engine technology for better/faster visualization and design.

And then there’s 3-D printing technology. Several teams around the globe are working to bring 3-D printed houses to market. It’s incredible, but houses can now be made (potentially, in one day) by a huge, computer-controlled, 3-D printer that extrudes a concrete mix in successive layers through a giant nozzle.

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How do You Design Outdoor Spaces for Inclement Weather?

Jing’An Temple, across West Nanjing Road from the lobby of Wheelock Square. Image © Gensler

On Thursday morning I woke up and looked outside. It was cold and overcast. A freezing wind drove the rain sideways. “Perfect,” I thought to myself. “What a wonderful day for a walk!”

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Shanghai Tower Update: Lighting the Building and Preparing it for Occupancy 

The Shanghai Tower Image © Gensler

NOTE: This post has been updated to include more current information on the Shanghai Tower.

Despite of challenges posed by Shanghai’s unpredictable weather and the logistical hurdles inherent to building super-tall structures, the Shanghai Tower is almost complete. It’s now looking like the Tower’s tenants will start to fit out their spaces in the coming spring and summer, pending permitting approvals and other reviews. The design and construction team’s next mission: finalize the site, complete the interior finishes, and commission all of the building’s special features, such as the wind turbines, rainwater collection systems throughout the structure, and seasonal exterior lighting elements.

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Shanghai Tower: Milestones

Image © Gensler

Read this post in Mandarin here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about milestones lately with the holidays here in the U.S., and the upcoming Chinese New Year, as well as the impending opening of the Shanghai Tower this summer. Gensler’s Shanghai Tower project team has marked numerous milestones in the past twelve months, most recently the completion of the façade installation and the beginning of the sky atrium landscaping.

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