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Entries in Shanghai Tower Construction Update (14)


Shanghai Tower Rising

Image © Noah Sheldon

Shanghai Tower has entered its final construction phase, and the construction team is reaching key milestones every week. The team recently began putting the final touches on the inventive double skin facade and prepared the very top of the Tower for the crown, which will hold the Tower's wind turbines and Tuned Mass Damper. The site has also become a point of interest with foreign visitors: Max Baucus, the United States Ambassador to China, toured the Tower during a recent trip to Shanghai.

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Shanghai Tower: The Cranes Come Down

View of the Shanghai Tower from one of the cranes. Image © The Telegraph

Since construction on the Shanghai Tower began in 2008, cranes have perched on top of, and surrounded the growing super tall building, allowing crews to put various pieces of the structure in place and becoming part of the Shanghai’s skyline in the process.

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Shanghai Tower: A View from the Top

Few vistas are more breathtaking than an urban landscape seen from above.

Amateur photographer Wei Gensheng, a crane operator working on the construction crew of Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, reminded the world of this truth last week when his breathtaking photos of Shanghai took second prize in the Shanghai City Photography Competition.

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Shanghai Tower Tops Out 

Image © Gensler

Last week I had the opportunity to return to China for a very special milestone - the topping out of the Shanghai Tower. It seems like yesterday, but in fact it was five years ago, that we won the design competition for the tower. Besting Foster & Partners, KPF, and a host of other world-class firms for the honor of constructing China's largest, and the world's second tallest building, gave us our first opportunity to build in the super-tall realm. I knew then how important it would be to call upon our best talent from China and around the world to bring the project to fruition.

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Shanghai Tower: The 4th Anniversary of Construction

Photo credit: Gensler

At 425 meters and 90 floors, Shanghai Tower has just surpassed the neighboring Jinmao Tower, the first of the trio of supertalls in Pudong.

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