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The Importance of Healthful Materials in Design for People 

Emblem health. Image © Chris Leonard and Gensler

Buildings are fashioned by the choices of people who design and construct them. When completed, those choices impact the inhabitants for a lifetime, but how many of us realize the true scale of this impact. Over the course of my career I have designed more than 51 million square feet of commercial space for more than a half-million people. Now consider that I am just one of more than one hundred thousand architects in the US alone. Some may suggest that as an individual, I represent a small portion of the impact to be made by architects and builders, but I prefer to think that I have a half-million people counting on me.

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Healthy by Design: How Design Impacts Well-Being

The Alexander Hotel. Image © Gensler

On a typical day most Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Yet even from inside enclosed walls, humans act as giant filters for our environments. From the water we drink to the air we breathe, our environment impacts how we feel, work and live. Is the air quality poor? Is there enough daylight? And is there any connection to nature?

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A New Airport for India’s New Gateway: Gensler’s Design for Chennai International

Photo courtesy of Gensler

Q&A with Gensler’s Kashyap Bhimjiani, a senior designer for Chennai International airport’s new terminals.

India’s third-busiest airport, Chennai International is the gateway to country’s southern region.

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Toward Resilient Cities

With historic landmarks like the Ferry Building immediately adjacent to the Bay, rising sea levels would have a severe impact on the San Francisco Bay Area." Photo courtesy of Flickr user sirgious.

In November 2012, as the Bay Area hosted Greenbuild—the world’s largest conference dedicated to sustainable building—designers across our region and beyond gathered to evaluate how urban planning solutions can bring value (and stability) to our cities.

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Mills, mindsets, Mendocino and memories?

This past June, I had the opportunity to visit Mendocino, Calif. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a deep dive into the town’s approach to sustainability. The trip marked my third experience of the town and on this particular occasion the town’s water towers and windmills struck me in a very different and somewhat profound way.

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