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Can Super Tall be Super Green?

Shanghai Tower

Q+A with Peter Weingarten

At this week’s Greenbuild Expo in Chicago, Peter Weingarten will participate on a panel that will examine the role of tall buildings in tomorrow’s vertical cities.

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Three Steps to Carbon-Neutral Airports: Step 3

Editor’s note: this is the third post of a three-part series. The first post, outlining opportunities to reduce the amount of energy that airports use, appears here; the second post, stressing the importance of using on-site, clean, renewable energy, appears here.

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A First Look at PNC Place in Washington

PNC Bank has trademarked their approach to sustainable branch banking and has the world’s largest portfolio of green buildings at 100 and counting. So we know we’re working with a client who’s not interested in the status quo—they’re challenging us every day to exceed what we’ve done before, and to be innovative in helping them meet their commitment to run their business sustainably.

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Reviving a Rustbelt City


Drawing a Greener Future

Watch as Gensler's Douglas Wittnebel creates a full size mural depicting a vision of what a sustainable community might look like in the future. Completed in four hours over two days, Doug's drawing was featured at Gensler's San Ramon, California office for the IIDA event, "Greening and Growing the East Bay."

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