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Uniting Healthcare and Community: The New Mixed-Use Community

Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series related to Uniting Healthcare + Community.

“Less emphasis on illness and more on wellness; less on treatment and more on prevention; less on healthcare and much more on happiness and health.” – Dr. Mark Rowe, A Prescription for Happiness

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Uniting Healthcare and Community: The Healthy Mix

Image © Gensler

More than a century ago, a small group of men departed their native land and people in Southern Italy seeking betterment beyond the desperately poor lives they’d led for centuries. Seventeen years after beginning their journey toward the land of opportunity, they reunited with those they had left behind and established the first Italian borough in America—the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania. Family-owned shops, bakeries and restaurants began populating the streets—between which, closely clustered homes each maintained personal gardens, livestock and grapevines for winemaking.

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