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Little by Little, We Will Arrive: Rebuilding a School in Haiti

Gensler Haiti

In the wake of one of the worst earthquakes in Haiti’s history, the world focused its attention on the extensive damage to the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. What went somewhat overlooked was that the catastrophe of equal magnitude that was unfolding on Haiti’s southern coast in the city of Jacmel, where as many as 70 percent of the homes were damaged or destroyed. The images left no doubt in our minds - we knew we needed to put our talents to use to help Haitians recover from this terrible disaster.

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Bike Lots & City Blocks

The design mavens who work at Columbia College are fond of referring to the school’s collective sensibility as “the grit and the glamour.” Columbia not only embraces a quirky juxtaposition of fabulous design within a gritty urban context – it celebrates it.

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Rapid Urbanization and the Need for Open Spaces

Rapid urbanization is upon us. A report from the U.N. projects that by midcentury nearly 69 percent of the earth’s population will live in cities. This coming shift will mandate vast changes to urban infrastructure, including increased access to quality open spaces.

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Encouraging Open Space Development

There's no doubt that as cities grow, the need for access to relaxing open space also grows. Parks, river walks, and playing fields provide places where city dwellers can escape clustered streets and transit grids to catch a breath of fresh air. And research shows that but open spaces increase real estate value.

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Who Will Champion Open Spaces?

Image above: a model of London at this year's MIPIM conference spurred conversation about how to find more opportunities to create open spaces in the city. One proposal is the London Riverwalk, seen on the river above.

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