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What Does Winning the Expo in 2020 Mean for Dubai and the UAE?

Image © Gensler

Before writing up my thoughts on the “Dubai Expo 2020” I had to do some thinking, reflect on all the noise leading up to the win for Dubai and hear out opinions from various parties / industries about things to come leading up to and after the Expo. With 25 million visitors expected at the Dubai Expo 2020, 70% of which are international – how can Dubai make the most out of the opportunities created by holding such a prestigious event?

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Future Gazing – City Vision 2050

It's time to re-imagine the future of London.

Gensler’s London office is situated within the City of London, or the square mile as it is so often referred to. For over 25 years we’ve held a long standing commitment to the local community. Located in one of the world’s leading financial and business districts, the City is home to many of our clients, and for the 200 plus Gensler employees who work in London, the ability to participate in local issues, as well as shape conversations from a design perspective, is paramount. So when the City of London Corporation approached us to join their strategic workshops looking at the future of the City of London, we were delighted to get involved.

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Natural Disasters Loom. Is Your Real Estate Portfolio Ready?

The price tag for natural disasters is rising. Rives Taylor explains how real estate owners can develop resilient portfolios in his Apgar Award-winning article, “Minimizing Risk in an Era of Resilience

The price tag for natural disasters is rising.

The price tag for natural disasters is rising. According to the Urban Land Institute, (ULI) floods, fire, drought and windstorms caused $1 billion in losses within the United States last year. Communities, taxpayers, and individuals are increasingly finding themselves on the hook for the cost of clean-up and reconstruction, allocating significant funds to rebuild in the aftermath of nature’s unpredictable wrath.

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Urban Design in the United Arab Emirates

Image © Gensler

“I love my job!” – I am a very lucky person to be able to say this every day.

As an urban designer, my job is to improve people’s lives by creating environments that make their daily routines easier and more enjoyable. Enhancing everyday levels of comfort and happiness through the intersection of urban placemaking and human activity continually fascinates—and it’s never easy!

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Aging in Place, Redefined

The Center on Halsted Senior Housing, as conceived by Gensler. Image © Gensler

We’ve all heard the term “aging in place.” It typically refers to the ability to remain in your own home as long as possible rather than being forced into an assisted living facility because home can no longer support your evolving physical or mental well-being. Aging in place isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly gaining traction under the broader heading of senior living, partly because a “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers keeps flowing deeper into this demographic.

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