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Aging in Place, Redefined

The Center on Halsted Senior Housing, as conceived by Gensler. Image © Gensler

We’ve all heard the term “aging in place.” It typically refers to the ability to remain in your own home as long as possible rather than being forced into an assisted living facility because home can no longer support your evolving physical or mental well-being. Aging in place isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly gaining traction under the broader heading of senior living, partly because a “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers keeps flowing deeper into this demographic.

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Summer on State Street: A Recap

Image © James John Jetel for Chicago Loop Alliance

November marked the end of Summer on State Street. The highly acclaimed Gateway project was packed up and moved into storage for the cold winter. This was the first project implemented by the Chicago Loop Alliance’s Placemaking Committee and supported by the Alderman and city government.

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“Go urban, young man” 

Cities like Los Angeles are becoming more attractive to corporate tenants who want to leverage the amenities inherent to urban life. 2000 Avenue of the Stars. Image © Gensler

As New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted in his last official policy speech before leaving office last month, “the golden age of the suburb is over, and it has been replaced by a new urban renaissance that is re-defining the future.”

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Bringing Movies Back to Main Street

Main Street in Chatham, Mass.

With all the talk lately about global urbanization, vertical communities, and the role of architects in reshaping cities, it is easy to forget that many of us come from small towns and close-knit communities. Nostalgia is a powerful thing; maybe we remember seeing a particular movie in a community theater or eating at a Woolworth’s lunch counter when we were kids. While large towers, airports and retail developments get a lot of airtime, smaller quieter projects remain vital to local communities. For some owners and non-profit organizations, it may be the only project they build in a generation.

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A Pioneering Perspective on Pershing Square

Image © Gensler

As a resident of Downtown Los Angeles, Gensler’s LA office is deeply embedded in the surrounding community and invested in the health, resiliency and sustainable future of our city. We believe in taking a leadership role in the community when it comes to discourse about public space and design and value initiative and exploration when it comes to complex urban issues. As part of our Town Square Initiative, Gensler Los Angeles chose to re-imagine a historic landmark in our own Downtown backyard: Pershing Square.

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