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The Future of New Jersey: Rethinking the Possibilities for the Suburban Campus

Bayer Headquarters, Whippany, New Jersey. Image © Gensler

Urbanization is upon us, and in a somewhat ironic twist, many of the corporations providing solutions to the impact of this and other global megatrends are located in suburban New Jersey campuses.

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Town Square Initiative: Washington, D.C.

Image © Gensler

If we mapped each local project completed by Gensler, D.C., in the office’s 30-year history—from law firms and commercial office buildings to institutional developments and master plans—the constellation of work would stretch across most of the city. But rarely as designers are we given the opportunity to interrogate the lines between our projects, the commonality of the urban realm that binds our work together.

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Cities and Water: Friends or Foes?

Image © Gensler

When cities are confronted by sudden deluges, our immediate response is to get rid of the offending water fast. In the past year alone, New York, Fukushima, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, and dozens of Chinese cities all faced widespread devastation at the hands of flooding. In times of extreme weather events, storm water is the enemy. It can cause damage and kill in its ferocity.

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The Town Square Initiative

In Las Vegas, the team developed a strategy to transform the streetscape of the city's (in)famous strip into an ad hoc town square. Image © Gensler

By 2050, nearly 70 percent of the world’s population—some 6.29 billion people—will live in cities, according to data from the United Nations. The pressure to create urban centres that facilitate healthy human social interaction is greater than ever. And it will grow ever more.

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Toward Resilient Cities

With historic landmarks like the Ferry Building immediately adjacent to the Bay, rising sea levels would have a severe impact on the San Francisco Bay Area." Photo courtesy of Flickr user sirgious.

In November 2012, as the Bay Area hosted Greenbuild—the world’s largest conference dedicated to sustainable building—designers across our region and beyond gathered to evaluate how urban planning solutions can bring value (and stability) to our cities.

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