Design Forecast: The Smarter Workplace

Schuchart Construction, Seattle, Washington

Grande or tall? Window or aisle? For here or to-go? In our personal lives, we are not only offered choices—we’ve grown to expect them. It seems strange, if we can’t customize.

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Design Forecast: Tomorrow's Vibrant Communities

Smart urban design understands that cities are interconnected environments where success is predicated on all components (education, culture, transportation, resiliency) working together. Myriad Gardens. Image © Prakash Patel. Landscape architecture by the Office of James Burnett

By definition, cities encompass an encyclopedic collection of all aspects of our daily life. In order for a city to function at the highest level, it must be home to a well-designed infrastructure capable of incorporating housing, commerce, transportation, schools, health and hospital facilities, cultural institutions, and a resilient backbone for information and disaster recovery. While each of these building blocks is typically addressed as a separate design typology, we see them as interconnected parts of a shared sector, tasked with providing the fabric of services and relationships that allow our cities to thrive. Committing to design strategies that intertwine resilience, connectivity, wellness and emotion is the key to what we see as achieving a critical vibrancy in our communities.

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Design Forecast: Like, Share, Repeat and the Power of Experiences

Image © Irwin Miller

Experiences lie at the heart of leisure. They attract customers, enhance brands and leave people wanting more. And as we take a look at the future trends shaping lifestyle, we’ve learned that experiences will continue to dictate the direction leisure takes for the foreseeable future.

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Why We Forecast

The Tower at PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh. Image © Connie Zhou

Gensler launched its Design Forecast in 2013 to highlight how business, social, and other trends are transforming our design solutions. The Design Forecast speaks to Gensler’s core belief that great design can power our clients’ success in a rapidly changing world.

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