The Future of Chinese Retail

As China's retail market matures, consumers will demand more boutique offerings and custom designs. The Diesel Planet Store in Shanghai, China. Image © Nacasa & Partners Inc.

China’s retail market has entered a period of maturation evidenced by bling’s fall from grace and a newfound emphasis on lifestyle, individual taste, and personal identity. In spite of these changes, many of the trends and market forces currently affecting retailers in western countries are not applicable to the Chinese market. This is because China’s retail landscape and the prevailing mores governing consumption habits are, on account of the country’s history, very different from those found anywhere else in the world. To understand what the future of China’s retail landscape holds, you must first understand how the retail market has evolved in the short time since the nation reformed its economy and introduced consumer culture.

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Insta-Architecture: How Social Media Will Build Buildings

Image: Flickr

We have evolved into digitized beasts capable of sending personal statements in a matter of seconds. Whether through images, posts, invites, and tweets, we have the ability to disseminate opinions and ideas – from the half-baked to the fully-fledged – in a moments notice. We communicate daily with audiences comprised of people we know and some we don’t and while many use it to dish out selfies, troll celebs, or express their very public infatuation for a favorite donut shop, I can’t help but consider how harvesting these opinions can (and will) affect the practice of design.

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The Future Trading Floor: Technology Will Support Human Connections 

Desktop computers currently tether financial services professionals to their desks. The next wave of tech developments will set them free. Societe Generale, New York. Image © Eric Laignel

“Computing power will evolve with Moore’s law, becoming so small that it will easily be stitched into the fabric of our lives (and our clothes) in a pervasive and engrained way.” - The Future of Knowledge Work, Intel Labs, 2012.

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Had Lunch? Four Ways to Improve the Workplace Dining Experience in India 

Workplace cafeterias in India teem with chaos born of poor design choices. Image © David Lam

Every day I’m asked the same question from colleagues, friends, and even the taxi drivers who are honking their way through the congested streets of Bangalore. “Had lunch?”

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Coworking at the Nexus of a Community-Based Workplace Movement

The first floor coworking and social area at Atlanta Tech Village. Image © Michael Moran

Earlier this year I attended the Global Coworking Unconference Conference, which in a few short years has grown to host hundreds of coworking operators and enthusiasts from around the world. The word most often mentioned across the conference was “Community.” Coworking, at its core, is less about space and more about creating strong communities and fostering synergies to add greater value to everyone who chooses to participate.

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