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Gensler’s Consumer Insights Series: The Future is Now

Image © Ryan Gobuty

Bracelets that project graphical interfaces directly onto a user’s skin. Customer-service systems that utilize drones. Efficient electronic payment systems devoid of any physical currency. The arrival of Gen Z.

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Real Estate Marketing: The Allure of a Lifestyle Brand

28 Liberty marketing materials. Image © Gensler

Consumer brands have long been able to attract customers by creating an entire lifestyle around their brand: images, messages and experiences that suggest a common point of view, a shared set of beliefs, membership in a tribe. The same holds true with hospitality brands. Just think of the letter W and not only does an aesthetic spring to mind, but you can also guess what kind of music will be playing in the lobby, what items will be in the mini bar, even how the other guests will be dressed. That’s the power of branding. Brands are about more than just a product or an ad; the logo is really just a shorthand symbol for a whole series of attributes and experiences—physical, verbal, and emotional.

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From Emerging to Established: Spotlight on Mexico’s Booming Luxury Market

El Palacio’s department store in Querétaro’s Antea Mall won an award of merit at the Retail Design Institute’s 44th International Store Design Awards in New York Jan. 12. The store has also been named a finalist for the 2015 the A.R.E. Design Awards. Image © Charlie Mayer

In terms of the luxury fashion industry, Mexico can no longer be referred to as an emerging market. The country boasts Latin America’s second largest economy and is now an established and consequential player within the global fashion economy.

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Getting People to Care About your Business

Image © Gensler

The enduring brands we welcome into our lives deliver two things: solutions and good feelings. In fact we will pay more for products and services that have the ability to make us feel good about engaging with them.

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Brick and Mortar: Still the Preferred Shopping Channel

The Hudson Grace storefront at the Marin Country Mart. Image © Michael Townsend

For all the talk of investing in digital platforms, brick-and-mortar still wins out as the preferred shopping channel for customers. As many as 90% of all retail sales are transacted in stores with 95 % of those sales captured by retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence. Physical stores play a critical role in online purchases. According to an Omnichannel Shopping Preferences Study conducted by A.T. Kearney, as many as two-thirds of shoppers go to a physical store before or after making an online purchase.

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