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Lessons Learned in Program Management

After years of working with programs that span the globe, Mark Thole has learned from experience what it takes to launch and manage a successful program. Image © Gensler

How do you roll out a total facility reimaging project that affects more than 4,000 car dealerships in all 50 states and maintain the projected timeline?

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Power to the People: The Rise of Omni-Channel Retail

Timbuk2, Prototype in Chicago. Image © Charlie Mayer

Retail is no longer in a brick and mortar versus online environment. The industry's reached a point where every touchpoint matters because every touchpoint drives sales. IT ALL MATTERS.

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Catch More Birds With Purpose

Did Twitter miss an opportunity to define its brand in a truly meaningful way? Image © Gensler

So I’m a huge Twitter fan – I’ve been active personally since 2009 and professionally since 2013, opining and engaging with other people about the things I love, from sports to design to the DC restaurant scene. It’s brought me new friends IRL and yielded some thought-provoking arguments too.

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Maker Culture Brings the Power of Design To Life

How can maker culture encourage smarter design? Image © Douglas Wittnebel.

Back in the early 1980’s, I got to experience firsthand the wild and vivid performances of Survival Research Laboratories. My roommate was the girlfriend of Mark Pauline, the founder of the group and one of the minds behind machine artists like Matt Heckler and Eric Werner. All machines used by Survival Research Laboratories were handmade, and the performances set them loose in empty parking lots resulting in groundbreaking shows the likes of which had never been seen before.

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Retail Opportunities: Focus on Latin America

A Gap Store in Costa Rica. Image © Gensler

As brands continue to go global, they face unique opportunities and challenges in each market they enter. Many global brands have tried and failed, but others who have approached a new market thoughtfully and strategically are now enjoying tremendous success. The Latin American market is distinct and diverse, and offers huge opportunities for those who are willing to try.

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