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Designing with the Student-Athlete in Mind

Texas Tech University Indoor Sports Performance Facility

The world of collegiate athletics is engaged in a high-stakes facilities arms race. Athletic departments continue to invest in bigger, better and more advanced training facilities and academic centers for student athletes. The first and foremost purpose of these facilities is the initial recruitment of top prospects—the ability to get blue-chip athletes on campus. The second, and often underestimated purpose is to retain and prepare student athletes once they arrive on campus. This dual intent means that facilities must stay relevant in recruiting while continuing to meet the needs of 17- to 23-year-olds as their priorities evolve throughout their collegiate athletic career.

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Pro Soccer: Setting a New Benchmark

BMO Field

The iconic Camp Nou in Spain, the Maracanã in Brazil, Estadio Monumental in Argentina, Estadio Azteca in Mexico, Wembley Stadium in England.In Europe, Central America and South America, international stadiums have long served as revered temples for dedicated, impassioned soccer fans. Now the U.S. and Canada are seeing a wave of new soccer-specific stadiums devoted exclusively to the sport as popularity grows for “the Beautiful Game” in North America. Gensler is looking to set new benchmarks for professional soccer stadiums—both domestically, in the U.S. and Canada, and internationally, in global markets ranging from Brazil to Spain.

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Fast Fashion: Costing the Earth?

By Hannah Morgan, Unsplash

Clearing out your wardrobe is one of those dreaded tasks. It often gets pushed to the side with an “I’ll do it next week” sort-of attitude. Our closets practically burst at the seams, yet we remain convinced we have nothing to wear and attempt to squeeze into an outfit three sizes too small.

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Refresh, Renovate, or Repurpose? 

BMO Field.

In an article that originally appeared in PanStadia Magazine 4th Quarter 2015, sports interior specialists, Stacy Bisek and Elizabeth Pritchett, share how Gensler Sports is reconsidering strategies for club suite revitalization to get the most return on investment for owners.

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Keeping On Track 

Image © Curtis Mac Newton

As the New Year begins, health and fitness sit atop lists of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately travel has a way of breaking established routines and throwing get-back-in-shape plans into utter chaos. The need to travel, whether for business or pleasure, is often the stumbling block on the road to sustaining the healthy lifestyles we strive for.

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