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Win or Lose? Factors of Engagement with Sports Brands

Image © Gensler

Whenever my husband and I travel outside of the United States, we like to play a game called “count the American sports logos.” On our last trip to Italy, we spied over 50, including those of the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Los Angeles Lakers, and to our surprise, the Washington Wizards (we saw a full-on official John Wall Washington Wizards jersey). But the ones we saw the most belonged to the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. Surprise, surprise.

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Riding the Wave of the Future

This year's Wave of the Future Next Gen Conference, sponsored by Hospitality Design magazine, featured an array of inspiring speakers. Image © Gensler

“A conference set to engage while illuminating the future.” That was the tag line for this year’s Wave of the Future Next Gen conference sponsored by Hospitality Design magazine. This conference has, for the second year in a row, set out to do what other conference have been unable to: Offer a small, intimate, and highly focused environment geared towards inspiring designers, manufacturers, operators, and developers.

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When Less is More in Retail: Be locally Relevant and Other Truisms

Image © Gensler

This post originally appeared on VMSD.

Along with quite a few retailers, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering over the last few years following the recession about various trends that have caught the industry’s attention. Smaller formats, urban prototypes, local relevancy – these all have become catch phrases identifying solutions to entice consumer spending and, hopefully, instill consumer loyalty. To me, it seems to come down to the basics: knowing your audience and speaking to it with authority.

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Experience Retail on a Global Scale: Bring in the Locals

Sports Chalet in Los Angeles, Calif. Image © Ryan Gobuty

In many cultures around the world, the experience of shopping is an event that friends and family cherish and share. Shoppers prize the journey of shopping as much as the end product. They don’t just shop to purchase a specific item or items. They shop for the thrill that comes with the discovering new products and services. They shop to take advantage of time to socialize with people they care about. They even shop to learn new things and have new experiences.

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Retail Forecast: Retail Trucks and Pop-Up Stores

Image © Gensler

Retail without a fixed address: That’s a concept most people never thought they would see come to fruition. After all, we tend to associate retail with urban blocks dedicated to commerce and suburban malls offering myriad stores under one roof. And fixed addresses are an inherent component of each of those retail paradigms.

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