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Retail Opportunities: Focus on Latin America

A Gap Store in Costa Rica. Image © Gensler

As brands continue to go global, they face unique opportunities and challenges in each market they enter. Many global brands have tried and failed, but others who have approached a new market thoughtfully and strategically are now enjoying tremendous success. The Latin American market is distinct and diverse, and offers huge opportunities for those who are willing to try.

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The Bookstore of the Future

Image © Gensler

Design alone will not save the bookshop and with numerous new creative opportunities emerging that combine the virtual world, branding, mobile technology, and pop-up with retail, many of our retail clients are left wondering ‘where do we go next?’ Customers are becoming less predictable and more volatile, which is shifting the retail experience to have a new focus not about product, but about the overall experience and level of service. Thus creating the need for a unified approach to the virtual and physical shopping experience that truly delivers something better.

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Retail Design and Experience

Image © Doug Wittnebel

Memories. That is what design experience is really all about. That is what design retail experience is all about. Embracing personal memories and creating new ones.

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Creating More than “Just” an Airport Hotel 

The Westin Denver International Airport (DIA) seamlessly integrates with the DIA Hotel and Transit Center. Image © Gensler

The New York Times recently reported on how the latest travel explosion is redefining the concept of airport hotels. Long seen as a place to spend the night during a tight layover or a flight cancellation, the latest wave of airport hotels now go beyond that traditional functionality and serve as a true gateway to the cities they serve. These new hotels even represent the destination itself. We’ve worked with several clients at the vanguard of this trend, and The Westin Denver International Airport, which will be part of the newly expanded Denver International Airport (DIA) Hotel and Transit Center, is a great example of the type of experience that modern travelers both need and value.

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Vintage Meets a Modern Aesthetic at the SLS Las Vegas

Image © Gensler

At the stroke of midnight on August 23, SLS Las Vegas became the Strip’s first resort and casino to open in over three years.

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