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Gensler Gets Fashion Forward

© Laura Schmits
Gensler’s San Francisco office is currently hosting Fashion Unraveled: Moving Beyond the Bolt, the latest installment of the 2011 Art Programme. Inspired by Stina Persson’s world renowned illustration work, and the recent Discarded to Divine exhibit, we wanted to take a deeper look at the entire fashion design process. As designers ourselves, we’re always curious about how other creative industries approach a design problem and follow that through to completion. With that goal in mind, we invited artists from all parts of the fashion business to showcase their work.

© Erena Shimoda
Illustrations, photography, and garments, all make up the well-rounded exhibition. Highlights include the work of several local fashion designers like the hand-painted, hand-stitched dress by Verrieres & Sako, that recently won the 2011 San Francisco Ballet Gala Best Dressed award. Also showcased is the summer collection by Après Collective for the jet-setting, eco-conscious consumer. Innovations in photography are also featured with work in underwater fashion photography by Erena Shimoda, and floor-to-ceiling silk photographic prints by Colin Vincent.

© Gensler

The opening, held April 14, 2011, was a great success. Students from the California College of the Arts’ fashion design program did a live demonstration of draping studies, creating paper dress sculptures before the guests eyes that are now on display in the main lobby.

© Gensler
Overall, the show has proven to be a wonderful way for Gensler to stay involved with the fashion community that we love to both serve and draw new inspiration from. The show will continue through June 3rd. It’s open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:30.

Rebecca Ruggles is an interior designer at Gensler and curator of the Fashion Unraveled art exhibit. She has worked with Gensler for 4 years. In addition to serving on the Gensler San Francisco art committee, she plays a key role in the Northwest Sustainability Task Force and the Hospitality practice, translating her love for travel and the environment into green designs for the hospitality industry. Rebecca has worked closely with major hotel brands including Fairmont, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and more. Contact her at rebecca_ruggles@gensler.com.

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Love the intersection of fashion & architecture!

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