Brand Design: We Just Can't Shake It
David Mayman and Leah Ho in Brand, San Francisco

Image © Gensler

Design is personal. It is created by people, not corporations. You know this; we love this! Some could even call us obsessed. Companies aspire to create meaningful connections with employees and customers through their brands. We know the feeling: we’ve got a serious relationship with design, and we’re in it for good. We’re constantly thinking about what inspires long-lasting connections, and we know that design has the power to play a starring role. Design feeds our quirks, habits, compulsions, and designery-ness. It fuels our passion for doing great work with awesome clients.

We’ve created a video to give you a glimpse inside the minds, the desks, and the sketchpads of our designers. We are fun, friendly, thought-oriented, process-driven people. But like our creative-fueled brains, we are almost never linear. We’re addicted to ideas. We love what we do. We’re Gensler Brand Designers.

David Mayman is an environmental graphic designer in the San Francisco office. With a keen focus on digital and physical experiential design, David brings a holistic approach and a fresh eye to projects through his wide areas of expertise. Contact him at
Leah Ho is an associate and environmental graphic designer in the San Francisco Brand Design studio. In her own words, “The best part about being a designer is the ‘a-ha’ moment when an idea – no matter how big or small – pops into my head. And the most rewarding part is seeing design make a difference.” Contact her at
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