Retail Forecast: Retail on Demand
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The Retail Forecast blog series is an exercise in prognostication. Gensler’s retail designers from across the country explain the trends currently affecting how people shop and predict how these trends will play out in the near future.

Few industries are evolving as quickly and as drastically as retail. The confluence of technological innovation, fickle consumer preferences, and the globalization of formerly local brands has instigated an unprecedented period of creative modification. Hoping to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the next consequential trends, retailers are pulling out all the stops, experimenting with new sales models and harnessing the power of design to deliver unique shopping experiences.

As a retail leader at Gensler, I find this period of change fascinating since everyone can have a say in not only what products consumers want but how they look and feel and how we would like them to perform. The variety of spaces and experiences that retail takes place in has drastically changed the past 5 years and continues to evolve in stores, pop-ups, events, online and embedded in most of our social media encounters. Even with these changes in our industry, we believe the future of retail is as bright as ever. But to understand how retailers can retain strong connections with customers and maintain profitability, you must first understand the myriad trends currently reshaping the industry.

Over the next few months, my colleagues and I will share a series of videos we’ve made detailing the trends we believe carry significant consequences for retailers, customers and designers. From the influx of foreign brands, to the downsizing of brick and mortar spaces and proliferation of pop-up retail, we will explore every niche and fad pertaining to retail. The videos are quick and to the point as a way of starting conversations and dialog that we are having every day at Gensler.

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Irwin Miller
Irwin Miller is a co-leader of Gensler’s global retail practice, and a design principal in the Los Angeles office. Focused on brand integration and user experience in retail environments, Irwin is forever motivated by his own daily encounters with design – finding inspirations everywhere from the county fair to summer holidays with family in Europe. Contact him at
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