Retail Forecast: Minding the Retail Gap
Aaron Birney in Retail, Retail, retail forecast

The Retail Forecast blog series is an exercise in prognostication. Gensler’s retail designers from across the country explain the trends currently affecting how people shop and predict how these trends will play out in the near future.

As a retail designer, I find myself increasingly asked by clients to help them cater to an ever increasing range of consumer experiences. Customers are not a monolithic group. One size fits stores are no longer acceptable. There’s a growing gap between global brands and local markets, between buyers in urban areas and buyers in suburban areas, and between how online shopping and the in-store experience.

If retail outlets want to succeed in attracting and retaining consumers and in building a brand which translates across all mediums and store types, they need to mind these gaps. And through design, they can create locally centered experiences which engage customers in real time.

McEvoy Ranch. Image © Gensler

Lara Marrero
Aaron Birney is a designer who thrives on the fast pace and creative integration of translating brands into the built environment. Aaron approaches design holistically, considering the many different elements that define a strong user experience and that represent the brand. For each project, he pairs his understanding of human behavior with the exploration of environmental, architectural, product, retail, and graphic design solutions to create a cohesive experience. You can contact him at
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