Retail Forecast: Retail Trucks and Pop-Up Stores
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The Retail Forecast blog series is an exercise in prognostication. Gensler’s retail designers from across the country explain the trends currently affecting how people shop and predict how these trends will play out in the near future.

Retail without a fixed address: That’s a concept most people never thought they would see come to fruition. After all, we tend to associate retail with urban blocks dedicated to commerce and suburban malls offering myriad stores under one roof. And fixed addresses are an inherent component of each of those retail paradigms.

So all things considered the meteoric rise of retail trucks and pop-up shops has taken this once immobile industry and breathed new life into it. The success mobile retail locations have achieved in their short life span has proven retail brands can thrive without tying themselves to a specific location or locations.

Retail trucks are thriving for a number of reasons. They lower the cost of entrance for companies while offering consumers easy access to products and a much needed sense of immediacy. Perhaps most importantly, they present a unique and exciting way to build and maintain brand excitement in new markets, a feat that remains critical to retailer success.

As retailers seek to engage the new generation of Millennial shoppers, as well as recalibrate their relationships with Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, they would be wise to consider the possibilities offered by retail trucks and pop-up stores. These simple vehicles of shopping have expanded the potential services retailers can offer and broadened the retail horizon in a potentially profound way.

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Jill Nickels has over 15 years of experience in the outdoor and fitness industry and has deep expertise around the active lifestyle consumer. As a senior strategist with Gensler, she works with companies from all industries to build brands and bring them to life at retail. Jill is a long time runner and athlete and in 2013 enjoyed completing a marathon, half ironman, and multiple trail races. Contact her at
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