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Technology’s Impact on the Store’s Footprint

This post on PSFK last week really struck me. For the past few years we’ve seen consumers using their smartphones in stores to seek enhanced product information, compare prices, read reviews, even place orders, so the concept is not new. But what grabbed my attention about this SK Telecom effort is the significant impact this could have on retail real estate.

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The Art & Science of Shopping: Navigating the Shanghai Marketplace

I was recently in Shanghai for a conference, the Global Department Store Forum, to hear perspectives on the retail industry from CEO's of the world's best department stores. Given my passion for shopping, the presentations only made me want to go hit the streets of Shanghai and spend some Yuan. I managed to squeeze in one day of my own for just this purpose, escorted by a friend who had been living in Shanghai for a few months.

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Welcome Change: Reinvesting in Hotels

Earlier this month I participated in a panel discussion that asked “Capital Expenditures: A Design for Pinching Pennies or Spending for Recovery?” at New York University’s Hospitality Investment Conference. While our hotel clients are always seeking smart, sustainable, economical designs that maximize ROI, I definitely answer that question with “spending for recovery!”

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PRODUCT RUNWAY: Seattle’s Fun, Fresh, Fierce Fashion Event Delivers

Last Friday I attended my first Product Runway event and I have to say – it was the most fun I’ve had at an industry event, probably ever! Not only did the design competition bring 15 of Seattle’s top architecture firms into one room, but all set up to music, lights, cameras and, of course, for a great cause: the Interior Design Coalition of Washington (IDCW).

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Product Runway: Where Seattle Architects Show Their Fashion Flair

On June 3rd, Seattle architecture firms will compete head-to-head, not to design a building, but to build a designer dress à la “Project Runway” using interior finish materials. Now I’m not one to drool over high fashion or even get excited by a glimpse of Manolo Blahniks through a store window, but architecture services are what I market every day, so this is definitely my bag, baby.

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