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40 Years of Retail: Charlie Kridler

Charlie Kridler, recently retired, started his Gensler career in 1969 and helped spur the firm’s successful growth over several decades, especially the retail practice.

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Maximizing Sports Sponsorships with Design

Photo credited to Ivan Walsh

What will the stadium of the future look like? This is not a question to be answered solely by architects, but rather all stakeholders have to be part of the conversation. With a Gensler Sports fan survey already underway, we recently convened a panel of sports industry professionals representing brands, sponsorship agencies, sports teams and venues to explore ways the industry is evolving.

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Winning Relationships

Earlier this month a project that’s near and dear to my heart received one of the retail industry’s highest honors: Westfield Galleria at Roseville earned gold at ICSC’s U.S. Design and Development Awards.

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Survey: Sports Fan Favorites

Earlier this year, Brand Keys released its annual Sports Loyalty Index and announced that “after years in the #2 spot, Major League Baseball is now tied with the National Football League with the most loyal fans.”

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The Real Deal: Branding with Authenticity

The Wenger/Swiss Army flagship store uses large-scale graphics, authentic materials and multifunctional spaces to reinforce the retailer's iconic brand.

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